Wild Bunch Matches


WILD BUNCH 101 - Introduction to Wild Bunch Shooting

January 9-10 2021

8:00 am - 8:45 AM Check-in Pistol safety inspection Courtesy ammo chronography

Classroom Competitive Wild Bunch Shooting

-Wild Bunch Safety Rules

-Wild Bunch Equipment Rules

-Wild Bunch Range Operations Rules

1911 Operation/Malfunction/Immediate Action Drills

1911 Operations


-Load/reload from the body

Malfunctions & Immediate Actions to resolve them

-Stove pipes

-Double feeds

-Failure to chamber

-Slide lock failure

-Misfires (click -no BOOM)

1911 Competitive Edge

-Prevention of pistol malfunctions

- ammunition

- pistol

- magazines

-Preparation of shooter physical and Mental (Checklist)

-Resolution while on the CLOCK

-Confidence builders (“Gamers” tips)

- “tactical” reload

- transitions

- movement

1911 Operation/Malfunction /Immediate Action Drill

(Practical Training Exercise)


-Load/reload from the body

-Stove pipes

-Double feeds

-Failure to chamber

-Slide lock failure
Live Fire Drill One (20 rounds with 2 magazines)

Live Fire Drill Two (30 rounds with 2 magazines)

Live Fire Practical Exercise # Three (50 rounds with 2 magazines)

Competition stage of fire as time allows

Texican Rangers are located at Stieler Ranch

From IH-10 take exit 523 for US-87 Bus and US-87N/Comfort/San Angelo
Proceed North on US87N for 8.1 miles
The Stieler Hill Ranch home of the Texican Rangers is located on your

$20 Saturday only class

Equipment 1911 45 ACP pistol, four magazines, 100 rounds 45ACP lead bullet for class.

$35 Two Day Package -101 Class on Saturday and Five Stage Match Sunday

Sunday match equipment is 1911 45 ACP pistol with six magazines, 12 gauge pump action shotgun (usually Model 97 or 12), pistol caliber rifle .40 or above. If you lack some equipment let us know we may be able to help. Also if you desire to shoot in the OPEN category you can use your regular cowboy smaller caliber rifle.

In order to prepare class materials, please email your intent to participate in either or both days to [email protected].Payment will be made at registration.

What is SASS Wild Bunch™ Action Shooting?

” Wild Bunch™ is a three-gun action competition using the 1911, a .40+caliber rifle and a Model ’97 or Model ’12 shotgun. SASS Wild Bunch™ Action Shooting is a separate shooting discipline within SASS. Although similar in many respects, it is not “Cowboy Action with a 1911!” [Wild Bunch™ Action Shooting Handbook-Single Action Shooting Society]

1911 Pistol Requirements: a full size single stack steel frame 1911 style semi-auto pistol in .45ACP caliber is required. The term “1911 pistol” is used but includes the 1911A1 model as well as its clones. No more than one main match pistol may be carried to the firing line. The frame and slide must conform to the “military style” 1911 or 1911A1 configuration (e.g. no light rails, enlarged dust covers or so forth). Barrel length must be five inches. Unloaded pistol weight may not exceed 40 ounces with an empty magazine inserted. Only non-adjustable “military style” simple blade rear and front sight are allowed.

Rifle Requirements: rifles or carbines must be original or replicas of lever or slide action rifles manufactured during the period from approximately 1860 until 1899, incorporating a tubular magazine and exposed hammer. Rifles with box magazines may not be used. Rifles must be chambered in a pistol caliber of .40 or larger.

Shotgun Requirements: Winchester 1897 pump in 12 gauge, original or replica-Civilian or Military style. The IAC ’93/’97 reproduction Winchester is also approved. This shotgun may be identified by the numbers 93/97 on the left side of the barrel and the words IAC Billerica, MA on the right side of the barrel. Original Winchester 1893 shotguns were declared unsafe by the manufacturer and are NOT legal for use in Wild Bunch™ Action Shooting matches. The Winchester Model ’12 pump in 12 gauge is also allowed.

Ammunition: the minimum standard for center-fire smokeless ammunition used in all SASS Wild Bunch™ Action Shooting competitions is not less than a minimum power factor of 150. The maximum velocity standard for pistols is 1000fps. The maximum velocity standard for rifles is 1400 fps.

Shooting Categories: SASS Wild Bunch™ Matches recognize two basic shooting categories based on the 1911 pistol The two categories are Modern and Traditional. Requirements are as follows:


  • Modern and Traditional style pistols are allowed
  • May be shot in any shooting style
  • Any legal rifle or shotgun may be used


  • Only traditional style pistols are allowed
  • Must be shot one handed unsupported (duelist style). Weak hand may be used for loading, racking slide and in case of malfunctions
  • Any legal rifle or shotgun may be used

The Texican Rangers also allow an OPEN non-award category for individuals getting started in Wild Bunch™ Action Shooting. The only requirement for the OPEN category is that you have a 1911 style pistol, a shotgun and a lever or pump action rifle in a pistol caliber.

For additional information, the very latest version of the Wild Bunch™ Shooters handbook can always be found on the SASS website.

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Driving Directions

From IH-10 take exit 523 for US-87 Bus and US-87N/Comfort/San Angelo.
Proceed North on US87N for 8.1 miles.
The Stieler Hill Ranch home of the Texican Rangers is located on your left