Comancheria Days

Comancheria Days April 7-9, 2022

Comancheria Days is the Texican Rangers’ annual club shoot. The shoot is held in the spring, usually in April. Shooters come from far and near to enjoy this fun-filled event.

  • The events start with RO I class on Wednesday and ROII class on Thursday.
  • Thursday finds a Wild Bunch and Plainsman matches and lots of exciting Side Matches including Fastest Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Pocket Pistol, Derringer, BAMM, Blazing Saddles. and Long Range competition.
  • The Main Match starts on Friday morning with five of the ten stages being shot. Friday evening has been cancelled and Side Match awards can be picked up Friday afternoon at the registration tent..
  • The remaining five stages are shot Saturday morning. Saturday evening finds folks in their finest period clothing enjoying a wonderful meal at the awards banquet.
  • Our Costume Contest Saturday night will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the following categories:
  • Lady, Gentleman, Couple, Military and Soiled Dove. Your spouse or a non shooting individual can participate as long as they are a current SASS member.
  • Our Costume Contest will also award 1st Place Junior Boy and Junior Girl
  • Sunday is a little quieter with Campers moving out and closing down the range. Range closes at 1:00 PM.

Main Match Round Count

  • 100 Pistol
  • 100 Rifle
  • 40 Shotgun
  • 60 Cody-Dixon

Wild Bunch Round Count

  • 105 Pistol
  • 27 Rifle
  • 26 Shotgun
(If you pay using PayPal or Credit Card we still need a registration form filled out and mailed/emailed to us)

Comancheria Days

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2021 Side Match Fastest Shotgun

Men’s Fastest Shotgun S X S
Ladies Fastest Shotgun S X S
Men’s Fastest Shotgun 97
Ladies Fastest Shotgun 97
Men’s Fastest Shotgun 87
Ladies Fastest Shotgun Hammer
Men’s Fastest Shotgun Hammer

2021 Side Match Fastest Rifle

Ladies Fastest Rifle 18-48
Men’s Fastest Rifle 18-48
Ladies Fastest Rifle 49-59
Men’s Fastest Rifle 49-59
Ladies Fastest Rifle 60-69
Men’s Fastest Rifle 60-69
Ladies Fastest Rifle 70-79
Men’s Fastest Rifle 70-79
Men's Fastest Rifle Blackpowder
Ladies Fastest Rifle Blackpowder

2021 Fastest Revolver

Ladies Fastest Revolver Traditional
Men’s Fastest Revolver Traditional
Ladies Fastest Duelist
Men’s Fastest Duelist
Ladies Fastest Gunfighter
Men’s Fastest Gunfighter
Ladies Fastest Frontier Cartridge

2021 Wild Bunch

Wild Bunch Match
Wild Bunch by Category
Wild Bunch Match Details
Wild Bunch Clean Match

2021 CD Match Finals

Match Final
Match Detail
Match by Category
Clean Match

2021 Plainsman


2021 Blazing Saddles

Ladies Blazing Saddles Revolver
Men’s Blazing Saddles Revolver
Ladies Blazing Saddles 1911
Men’s Blazing Saddles 1911

2021 Costume Contest

Costume Contest Winners

2021 Long Range

Ladies Long Range Revolver Caliber Rifle
Men’s Long Range Revolver Caliber Rifle
Ladies Long Range Big Bore Lever
Men’s Long Range Big Bore Lever
Ladies Long Range Big Bore Single Shot
Men’s Long Range Big Bore Single Shot

2021 BAMM

Ladies Combat BAMM
Men’s Combat BAMM
Ladies Sniper BAMM
Men’s Sniper BAMM

2021 Side/ Match Derringer

Ladies Derringer 18-59
Men’s Derringer 18-59
Ladies Derringer 60+
Men’s Derringer 60+

2021 Side Match Pocket Revolver

Ladies Pocket Revolver 18-59
Men’s Pocket Revolver 18-59
Ladies Pocket Revolver 60+
Men’s Pocket Revolver 60+

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