Shindig Matches

Shindig, held on the 2nd Saturday of September each year, is the club’s annual membership appreciation shoot and meal. All members get to shoot and eat for FREE! We encourage all members to attend. Guests are certainly welcomed but must pay for the shoot and meal.

Shindig is the club’s annual award shoot when our club members are recognized for their shooting skills over the past year. The club shoots 16 times a year and in order to qualify for an award you must have shot at least five times in a category. You may shoot in more than one category but you will only be awarded a single award in the category that you shot the best in.

Scores for Shindig 2017

Match Final
Category Details
Match Details
Clean Match

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2017 Category Winners!

Overall Female- Shooting Iron Miller
Overall Male- Alamo Andy
Most Accurate- Dirty Dog Dale

B Western- Alamo Andy
Cattle Baron- Frank Longshot
Cowgirl- Shooting Iron Miller
Cowboy – Tascosa Kid
Duelist Senior- Newt Ritter
Duelist Silver Senior- Bandera Kid
Elder Statesman- Skyhawk Hans
Frontiersman- L.W. Hannabass
Frontier Cartridge- Three Fingered Dutchman
Frontier Cartridge Duelist- Mad Dog McCoy
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter- Howdy Nabor
Forty-Niner Lady- Tombstone Mary
Forty-Niner- Crooked Creek Sam
Grand Patron- Shotgun Hammond
Gunfighter- A.D. Texaz
Gunfighter Senior- General Burleson
Senior- Dutch Van Horn
Silver Senior Lady- Haddy Heard
Silver Senior-Picosa Kid
Wrangler- Dirty Dog Dale
Cody Dixon Single Shot- Grouchy Spike
Cody Dixon Lever – Texas Tony

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