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The Texican Rangers recognize SASS shooting categories based upon age, gender, costuming, equipment, shooting style and/or propellant.

Texican Rangers’ Shooting Categories

B Western
Buckaroo (up to 13)
Buckarette (up to 13)
Cattle Baron (75+)
Classic Cowboy
Cowboy (17+)
Duelist-Senior (60+)
Duelist-Silver Senior (65+)
Elder Statesman (70+)
Grand Dame (70+)
Forty-Niner (49+)

Wild Bunch Modern
Wild Bunch Traditional

Frontier Cartridge
Frontier Cartridge Duelist
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter
Grand Patron (80+)
Grand Patroness (80+)
Gunfighter-Senior (60+)
Senior (60+)
Silver Senior (65+)
Wrangler (36+)
Young Guns (14-16)
Cody Dixon Lever
Cody Dixon Single Shot



Special Non-SASS Categories recognized by the Texican Rangers.
(Click on the links below to read the rules for these special categories)

1911 Modern or Traditional Category  
Bolt Action Military Category
Cody Dixon Categories


Ladies may shoot in a separate “ladies” divison of any of the above categories except Cattle Baroness and Grand Dame.