The Texican Rangers shoot ten months of the year.  We shoot on the second weekend of each month, except for November and December.  The Stieler Ranch, home of the Texican Rangers, is closed during November and December to allow hunters to enjoy the ranch.  In January we start back to shooting.  In October as the Texicans wind down our shooting season we only shoot on the second Saturday.

Registration Opens at 8:00 am
Shooters’ Meeting at 8:45 am
Hammers Down at 9:00 am

Match Fees:
$15  per day for an adult Individual or Family member
$20  per day for an adult Guest
$10  per day for a Junior (ages 14-16) member or guest
$7    per day for a Buckaroo (ages 13 or less) member or guest
Active Duty Military shoot shoot for free and we THANK YOU for your service.

You can always check the CALENDAR to verify our shoot dates and times.

Don’t forget for our annual shoot, Comancheria Days, the shooting schedule varies and it is best to verify shoot times by checking COMANCHERIA. We’d love to have you come out and join us for the fun and excitement of Cowboy Action Shooting.

We  shoot five stages and the recommended ammo count is :
Pistol          50
Rifle            50
Shotgun     20+
It is always best to have a little extra ammo as you never know when we might shoot six stages, add a few extra shotgun targets or a fellow shooter may need a little help.