Comancheria Days
The Texican Rangers will once again host the SASS 2019 Texas State Championship.  Comancheria Days will be April 11-14, 2019.

Comancheria Days is the Texican Rangers’ annual club shoot.  The shoot is held in the spring, usually in April.  Shooters come from far and near to enjoy this fun-filled event.

  • The events start with RO I and II classes on Wednesday.
  • Thursday finds a Wild Bunch and Plainsman matches and lots of exciting Side Matches including Fastest Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Pocket Pistol,Derringer, BAMM, Blazing Saddles and King of the Hill.  Long Range competition will also be occurring on Thursday.
  • The Main Match starts on Friday morning with five of the ten stages being shot. Friday evening folks gather under the lovely spreading oak trees to enjoy some good food, camaraderie and Side Match awards.
  • The remaining five stages are shot Saturday morning.  Saturday evening finds folks in their finest period clothing enjoying a wonderful meal at the awards banquet.
  • Our Costume Contest Saturday night will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the following categories:
    Lady, Gentleman, Couple, Military and Soiled Dove.  Your spouse or a non shooting individual can participate as long as they are a current SASS member.
  • Sunday is a little quieter and starts off with Cowboy Church followed by the fun event known as Man-on-Man where you really get to see how you handle pressure, you never know who will be the last man standing!
Main Match Round Count
100 Pistol
100 Rifle
40 Shotgun
60 Cody-Dixon

Wild Bunch Round Count
91 Pistol
24 Rifle
21 Shotgun

Who is coming?
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Comancheria Days

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